Mercedes VITO 119CDI Tourer

     Mercedes VITO 119CDI Tourer offers many advantages compared to other vehicles in this category: it guarantees a high level of comfort during the journey, while offering ample luggage space. You can order a manned mini van for the following objectives: to facilitate your wedding guests, to transport employees, to drive to/from the airport, to facilitate corporate parties, serve delegations but also to cater for your family. Renting a manned mini van is a useful option, when travelling around a city, should you be unable to drive for some reason. 

    You can order the bus  Mercedes Sprinter 519CDI-VIP and be informed on the rental terms by contacting us via email at:


  • Pax seats: 7
  • Total capacity: 8
  • Child seats - on request
  • Business Class
  • Leather interior (black) 
  • Climate control
  • Tinted double-glazed windows

Total buses : 6 
Total pax seats : 7
Year of manufacture : 2018 
Wi-Fi: on request